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Mrs Kapernick's retirement

Mick and Rhonda
​Mrs Rhonda Kapernick and Mr Mick Kettle

​The 4 September 1989 and the 22 February 2018 are two very important days in the history of Branyan Road State School. The first date is the day that Rhonda Maree Kapernick started her employment at Branyan Road, the second, the day she officially retired from Education Queensland and Branyan Road.

Of course, those two dates are important but just as important are all the days in between. For 30 years Mrs Kapernick has been a constant at Branyan Road State School.

Mrs Kapernick has worked across all year levels in the school, more recently in the Prep area. The number of students who have had Mrs Kapernick as a teacher aide would number in the thousands, and I am sure most, if not all, would remember Mrs K.

Mrs Kapernick personified what Branyan is all about. She was always putting others first, mainly the kids. Mrs Kapernick even put her retirement on hold to help us settle in our 2018 Prep cohort. A very selfless act to help her beloved Branyan. In the years I have worked with Mrs K, I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. Her honesty and reliability are second to none, she is a truly wonderful person.

As a school, we will now look at replacing Mrs Kapernick. But the reality is, you can’t replace Mrs Kapernick. What she has brought to our school can’t be measured.

One of the highlights of my time working with Mrs Kapernick was when she and I did a radio interview for the ABC. To listen to Rhonda and her knowledge of not only Branyan’s history but the history of the surrounding areas was truly fascinating. I marvelled at Rhonda’s ability to recall facts, people, places and times. It was truly wonderful to be part of.

Mrs Kapernick won’t be lost to our school. Along with Mr Mick Kettle, Mrs. Kapernick has agreed to be a patron of our school. This means Mrs K will definitely be around for many years to come.

Until your next visit Mrs Kapernick, on behalf of the Branyan Road State School Community, thank you for everything you have done for our school. We wish you and your husband David an enjoyable and long retirement and may your grandkids be spoilt as I am sure they deserve to be.